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We specialise in providing our clients with best-in-class strategic advice on navigating the political and regulatory landscapes in Ireland and across Europe.

Founded in 2016 by our CEO, Lucinda Creighton, a former Minister for European Affairs and Member of Parliament, our award-winning teams work to enhance and grow our clients’ public affairs and strategic communications objectives.

Our clients can trust in the experience of former Government Ministers, EU officials, policy makers, industry leaders, communications professionals and veteran political and regulatory affairs consultants bring to their work every day.

With offices in Dublin and Brussels, Vulcan Consulting is your multi-jurisdictional partner for your Irish and EU public policy objectives.

We bring an integrated approach to our work, allowing us to design tailor-made and innovative approaches to guide our clients to success. We develop an in-depth understanding of your issues, exploring potential scenarios and defining the best strategic approach in order to capitalise on opportunities and mitigate risks.

Vulcan Consulting’s award-winning Brussels team is ideally positioned to assist our clients in their engagement with European policy makers. With the extensive know-how of the EU’s legislative and political labyrinth, they ensure that our clients know exactly what regulatory changes are brewing, and how they will impact on their business.

Our partners in the international FIPRA Network and the Washington D.C.-based Vogel Group further expand our horizons.

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