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At Vulcan, we know that companies need to stay one step ahead of regulatory and political changes. Using our knowledge and insights across the European institutions and local and national governments, Vulcan keeps clients up to date on upcoming regulatory changes and political developments. By leveraging our extensive understanding of politics across all levels of government and across the political divide, our analysis cuts through the noise.


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With this proposal, the Commission is now seeking to expand sustainable carbon removals and encourage the use of innovative solutions to capture, recycle and store CO2 by industry, farmers and foresters. https://t.co/e0kq8UsFlF https://t.co/9SoddFHF4F
04 December at 3:15pm
The European Parliament lead negotiator on this regulation, Dita Charanzová, referred to the agreement as “a big win for European consumers”. https://t.co/MKY8o6kCnH https://t.co/ehKfMSymRY
04 December at 3:13pm
Speaking about the project on Friday, the Taoiseach noted that construction of the new interconnector would increase energy supply to Irish and French consumers – bringing costs down, while also promoting the increased use of renewable energy resources. https://t.co/vcK7GbrRwL https://t.co/QdGxb167i1
04 December at 3:11pm