The Future EU-US Trade Relationship
The Future EU-US Trade Relationship


Transatlantic Insights for Business Leaders Webinar Series

The Future EU-US Trade Relationship

Tuesday, 15 December 2020
11.30-12.30 EST / 16.30-17.30 GMT / 17.30-18.30 CET

As a sequel to our first webinar on the ‘Policy Agenda of the Biden-Harris Administration’, we took a deep dive into one of the most fundamental components of the Transatlantic relationship: Trade.

Our panel of experts successfully untangled the complex trading environment left behind by the Trump Administration and discussed the prospects for cooperation and potential future challenges in the EU – US Trade Relationship under the new Administration led by President-elect Joe Biden. 

If you would like to rewatch the webinar, a recording can be found below.

If you would like to read more about the topic, you can read our joint paper with VH Strategies on Transatlantic Trade in a Time of Uncertainty. We are also delighted to share a recent paper by Pascal Lamy on A European Carbon Border Adjustment proposal

Sharing their unique insights on the day will be:

  • Pascal Lamy, President, Jacques Delors Institute
  • Peter Watson, President & CEO, Dwight Group
  • Valerie West, Principal, VH Strategies

Moderated by Lucinda Creighton, CEO, Vulcan Consulting